We work for you!

Blue Ridge Custom Homes, LLC is part of a team of professionals who design, plan and build custom homes and buildings. We "Make Good" buildings specializing in post & beam timber frame, and craftsman style construction. True post and beam buildings are constructed with exposed timber mixed with your design choices for a warm, rustic but elegant look and feel. Because there are no load bearing walls this allows you to fill your primary walls with glass and place your rooms anywhere you would like within your plan.

These buildings today are considered to be "over built" structures and have been proven by the Japanese culture to be true works of art. We couldn't agree more. This style of construction offers the most value in your foundation where the building is set on concrete piers at strategic load points. After the foundations have been set we guarantee quality building by providing the best materials available for the construction of your custom home design. All the components, framing materials, doors, windows, exterior siding and hardware needed to build your home are chosen and delivered to your job site where our crew (or a crew of your choice) is standing by to start construction. If you want a rich, warm, healthy home to accent your view our team may be the right team for your construction project.

Proudfoot Great Room